Collocated Events

The event collocated with KMO 2014 :

The 3rd International Workshop on Learning Technology for Education in Cloud ( LTEC 2014)

2nd - 5th - September, 2014, Santiago Chile


MOOC and big data for learning technology through cloud 

 The use of technology for learning has grown tremendously in the last decade. The need for continuous just-in-time training has made learning technology an indispensible part of life for workers. Nowadays, we are living in a world of increased mobility where proliferation of mobile technologies is creating a host of new anytime and anywhere contexts.

 Technology provides a key trend in imparting learning in a faster, simpler and more effective way. The necessity to disseminate information to large masses in education has led to an explosion of various technological innovations in education. Cloud computing is attractive for online education. It supports shared information repositories as well as sharing the real time and asynchronous interaction between teachers and learners. The promise of virtual universities in the cloud has been highlighted by the growing interest in MOOC's (massive open online courses) which are naturally hosted on clouds. The potential of big data collected from MOOCs hasn't been fully explored yet.

 With the rise of more and more online education and the development of MOOC’s all the data gets a completely new meaning. Big data allow for very exciting changes in the educational field that will revolutionize the way students learn and teachers teach.Big data in the online learning space will give institutions the predictive tools they need to improve learning outcomes for individual students. Universities are looking for use big data used in admissions, budgeting and student services to ensure transparency, better distribution of resources and identification of at-risk students. Data analytics can be used to figure out how to tailor teaching techniques to individual students, rather than using the 'one size fits all' approach.

 LTEC will focus on the exchange of relevant trends and research results in cloud computing for education, MOOCS and Big data for learning as well as the presentation of practical experiences gained while developing and testing these applications. It also explores the potential impact of learning analytics and big data for the future of learning and teaching.  The workshop invites researchers, practitioners and academics to present their research findings, works in progress, case studies and conceptual advances in areas of work relating to cloud computing for education, MOOCs and big data. It brings together researchers across all educational sectors, from primary years, to informal learning, to higher education across a range of disciplines from humanities to computer science, media and cultural studies with different perspectives, experiences and knowledge in one location. It aims to help practitioners find ways of putting research into practice and for researchers to gain an understanding of real-world problems, needs and aspirations.


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